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March/April Update

An update on my life:

~ In March I got a job at a local community bank as a bank teller.  It was really stressful at first since I had done nothing like it before, but now that I've been there for a little over a month, it's not so bad.  My co-workers are all really nice and my boss is really cool.  Ngl, after my last student job at K-State, I was nervous about getting another job due to the fact that my boss was horrible. Between her and the other lady who worked the front desk w/ the students.... I dreaded going into work.  So, I'm very thankful to have found a job where, not only am I appreciated as an employee, but everyone seems to get along in a fun environment. :)

~ This month through amost the end of June is going to be somewhat crazy!  I have 3+ weddings to go to and multiple graduations & graduation parties.  All that with work inbetween of course.  Despite the hectic-ness that is likely to happen with my schedule, I'm excited!  Both my younger sisters are graduating college and I'm super proud of them!!!  Especially proud of my youngest sister who managed to get her bachelor's degree in 3 years!  She's crazy! XD

~ My Tumblog 'FY Men of Korea 'n Japan (FYMKJ)' has been steadily gaining followers!  I started it out of boredom one night and now I feel as if it's daily routine to update, lol.

~ My love for Jesse and many other juniors has grown tremendously in the last month from watching 'Shounen Club' and 'Gamushara'.  My text tone features Jesse's adorable English, "When are you going to realize? You're the one for me."  Ugh, I am for sure going to Pedo-noona prison for this boy, I swear. Lucky for me he'll be turning 18 on June 11th..... quickly followed by my turning 23 on the 17th >.<'  I'M GETTING OLD, omg, make it stop!

And, yeah, that's about it.


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