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August 2014 UPDATE

This is an update on my life:

~ Still working at the bank! Only now I'm considered a veteran bc I'm the only official 'closer' and get to help out the new hires with stuff. >.<

~ Starting online school tomorrow. My parents are only letting me take 2 8-week classes this semester. They don't want me to rush into things. I'm frustrated about it but can understand where they're coming from so I'll just.... y'know, deal with it.

~ My tumblog, F-Yeah Men of Korean and Japan, has now garnered 200+ followers!  Never thought that would ever happen.  And I even how monthly Top 10 lists! Some days, especially the days I work longer hours, I feel it's hard to update.... but ultimately I still find I enjoy it, which is why I started it in the first place.

~ JESSE IS 18! I repeat, JESSE IS 18!

~ I turned 23 on June 17th. Yeah, that was a thing. I had Korean food w/ one of my friends and former housemates. Other than that, I took the day off work and spent the day being lazy XD

~ Unintentionally I have been hooked on the Kamen Rider series.  I've watched Den-O, OOO, Fourze, Kiva, W, Wizard and am currently working on Gaim, as it is still airing/being subbed.

And that's about it for now. I'm hungry. It's time for breakfast. ^_^

March/April Update

An update on my life:

~ In March I got a job at a local community bank as a bank teller.  It was really stressful at first since I had done nothing like it before, but now that I've been there for a little over a month, it's not so bad.  My co-workers are all really nice and my boss is really cool.  Ngl, after my last student job at K-State, I was nervous about getting another job due to the fact that my boss was horrible. Between her and the other lady who worked the front desk w/ the students.... I dreaded going into work.  So, I'm very thankful to have found a job where, not only am I appreciated as an employee, but everyone seems to get along in a fun environment. :)

~ This month through amost the end of June is going to be somewhat crazy!  I have 3+ weddings to go to and multiple graduations & graduation parties.  All that with work inbetween of course.  Despite the hectic-ness that is likely to happen with my schedule, I'm excited!  Both my younger sisters are graduating college and I'm super proud of them!!!  Especially proud of my youngest sister who managed to get her bachelor's degree in 3 years!  She's crazy! XD

~ My Tumblog 'FY Men of Korea 'n Japan (FYMKJ)' has been steadily gaining followers!  I started it out of boredom one night and now I feel as if it's daily routine to update, lol.

~ My love for Jesse and many other juniors has grown tremendously in the last month from watching 'Shounen Club' and 'Gamushara'.  My text tone features Jesse's adorable English, "When are you going to realize? You're the one for me."  Ugh, I am for sure going to Pedo-noona prison for this boy, I swear. Lucky for me he'll be turning 18 on June 11th..... quickly followed by my turning 23 on the 17th >.<'  I'M GETTING OLD, omg, make it stop!

And, yeah, that's about it.

This is an update!


This is really an update. I promise.
So here's what's been going on...Collapse )


Tomorrow is FRIDAY!

Tomorrow is PAYDAY




I'm such a liar but HEY

Last time I posted here I said I would update before Christmas.... of 2011. Well, obvs that didn't happen. Call me a liar. It's true. XD

Hi, I'm still alive. I still am in school. I'm a year older and a lot of stuff has happened in the past year....

Here's some significant happenings~Collapse )

I know I thought I said I would be updating more.... but, that was a lie!

I didn't lie on purpose, though. With a loaded school and work schedule, I don't have much time for myself. When I do, I usually watch movies or dramas. I don't even have time to RP anymore which makes me super duper sad!!!! ;____;


With the exception of my roommate, who has no concept of personal hygiene, this semester has been good. I LOVE working at the front desk of my dorm hall. I get to meet all the residents and staff, get a behind-the-scenes look at how things are done, and get to witness pretty interesting situations. I've seen enough hookahs to last me a lifetime, that's for sure, and also drunks. Working at the desk means you get to hear all the details when someone gets busted for having alcohol or just doing something they're not supposed to do in the residence halls. ¡Muy interesante!

Also, Nicole and I are taking Korean classes. They offer basic language training classes at the International Student Center for 6 weeks out of the semester. They're only $25, too! Our teacher is super sweet and adorable! She's Korean, obviously, but she doesn't really have much of an accent when she speaks English. The class is small, which I like. There's usually about 4 or 5 of us in there, and everyone's just really nice. Korean is starting to seem a lot less scary now that I'm taking a formal class and not trying to teach myself!

I had a meeting with my adviser Tuesday and we talked about my classes for next semester. We also talked about when it would be best for me to take my study abroad trip. Originally I was planning to study abroad the 2012-2013 school year. After talking with him, though, it looks like it would be best if I waited another year and go to Korea for the 2013-2014 school year instead. That way I would be able to do an internship over there, which would be really cool! :) So, even though I have to wait longer, I know it will all be worth it in the end!

I can't say when I'll update next, but.... I'm sure it will be before Christmas! XD

Hey~ I'm Miss Simple! ;)

It's been forever since I've updated!


Sometimes I don't feel like I have anything worth updating about. I'm just another person living their life.


I've started my 3rd year of college. Today was the first day of classes. I now work as a CA (community assistant) in my dorm hall. This is the 1st year my parents have allowed me to have a car up with me at school, so I'm really happy about that. I've been having a really great time here so far. Because of training and the halls opening early, I came to school two weeks before anyone else. I've become friends with a lot of the other Moore hall staff and they are all wonderful people. Also, my new roomie is awesome. She's so sweet! :-) We also have similar interests and whatnot.

I've gotten back into the RP game over on Absit Omen. This year I'm purposefully setting aside time to RP. It's something I've been doing for almost 10 years now and I really enjoy it. RPing has definitely helped improve my writing and inspired the love of writing I have now. IF YOU LOVE HARRY POTTER AND WANT TO JOIN A HARRY POTTER RPG... YOU SHOULD JOIN TOO! ^___^ NEW MEMBERS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME!

Anyway, I'm going to watch more 'Heartstrings'.

I also promise to update more XD

Shaka-laka HA HA HA!

I'm bored. I'm awake. I'm semi-caffeinated.

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